The health and well-being of our clients have always been our top priority. Considering the current situation, we want to take a moment to inform you of some extra measures we require from our clients to ensure the safety of you, other clients, and staff members.

1. We will no longer take walk-ins; all appointments must be booked in advance.

2. We have introduced a strict booking policy, as we can no longer afford no-shows and late cancelations. We will kindly ask you to cancel your appointment at least 24 hrs prior to your appointment, otherwise, you will be charged a late cancelation fee (50% treatment price). No-show charge is 100% treatment price.

3. All bookings must be confirmed by the client; the system will send you a message asking to confirm your appointment by providing bank card details. Your card will not be charged! You can change the payment method on the day in the salon. If you do not confirm your appointment for 24 hours, we will cancel it without notice.

4. If you have anything on your nails, such as gel polish, extensions, etc. you need to book a removal as your first treatment and consequently the treatment of your choice. Leaving a comment that you need a removal does not add the extra time required for removal, it must be booked in as a treatment! Alternatively, you can book removal as part of the treatment by choosing the service ‘Gel polish/shellac application with removal’. If you do not book a removal, we will, unfortunately, have to refuse your treatment and charge you a late cancellation fee.

5. We do not offer dedicated hours for the elderly and vulnerable, as we always operate the salon in the safest manner.

6. Prior to your appointment, we will kindly ask you to fill in a Covis-19 questioner which will be available in our salon, and on our website, we will send you a link with your reminder email. The form will be used for the contact tracing log required by HSE and it will be disposed of after 4 weeks.

7. Your arrival at the salon:

• We have a small waiting area in the salon, we allow short breaks between the clients. Nevertheless, please be cautious and respect social distancing when entering the salon.

• At the entrance we have a sanitation station. Please use a contactless sanitizer. If you haven’t filled the online Covid-19 contact tracing form, please do so at the sanitation station.

• We will greet you with no close contact (no hugs, handshakes, etc.)

• We will ask you to put on a mask, you can use your own, or we can provide you with one.

• We will ask you to wash your hands in the restroom and lead you to your seat. The treatment area will be disinfected prior to your arrival, including a chair, table, screen, lamp. We will wash and sanitize our hands and use sanitized or where possible disposable tools. We will have personal care kits available to purchase. We can date and seal it after each use and keep it in the salon for the next appointment, or you can take it away.

• We will kindly ask you not to use your phone during the service.

• We will no longer offer shared reading material.

8. If you have any queries relating to our Covid-19 control measures, please request Debbie or Grace.