Manicure services at Puerto Banus Nail Bar

Beautiful hands are a sure sign of a well groomed lady. Hands can tell a number of things about us – how we lead our life, how we take care of our body. We shake hands when we meet new people. We use hands in body language. Hands are always noticed by others and commented, if groomed nicely.

We have a great choice of manicures here at Puerto Banus Nail bar

File and polish     12e (colour) / 16e (French)

Choose from OPI, Cuccio, Infinite Shine, Vinylux brands. Vinylux and Infinite Shine are revolutionary weekly polish systems. Lasts up to a week, does not require base coat or UV lamp. Can be removed with acetone nail polish remover just as ordinary nail polish

Nail file        8e 

Nail brightening treatment        8e

Includes nail shape, whitening cream scrub, cuticle oil, Vitamin dose and nail strenghtener

Cuticle work       10e

Oil  treatment      10e

Includes nail shape, nail soak in warm oil. Highly recommended for damaged, flaky nails

Paraffin treatment   10e

Recommended for dry skin

Express mini manicure    25e (colour)/ 30e (French)

Includes nail shape, cuticle work, wash and polish

Juicy mini manicure         30e (colour)/35e (French)

Includes nail shape, cuticle work, wash, mini massage, polish

Skin rescue treatment         15e

Includes scrub, mint mask, massage with hand and body butter

Luxurious Almond manicure     35e (colour)/40e (French)

Includes: hand soak in nourishing milky bath of sweet almond, jojoba oils and vitamin E; almond moisture scrub with mineral salts, refined sugar and jojoba; shimmering hand masque which deeply conditions and refines; massage with Almond hydrating lotion which leaves a soft, satin feel and light almond fragrance; cuticle work, file and polish

Rejuvenating Citrus manicure       35e (colour)/40e (French)

Includes: invigorating warm-oil hands soak; illuminating masque containing firming peptide complex with citrus and grape seed oils helps reduce visible signs of ageing; citrus moisture scrub – citric acid, grape seed oil and mineral salts gently polish and deep condition; massage with Citrus hydrating, silky-smooth hand and body lotion; cuticle work, file and polish

Hot stone manicure Costa del Sol        35e (colour)/40e (French)

This is exclusive manicure at Puerto Banus Nail Bar. It includes cuticle work, nail shape, polish and beautiful hot stone hand massage. The thermogenic and energetic benefits of the stones turns pedicures and manicures into therapeutic sessions designed to rejuvenate body, mind and spirit. The application of heat increases circulation, increases metabolism, decreases pain, decreases muscle spasm and softens the tissues. The combination of the heat and the energetic properties of the stones, along with soothing massage strokes, produce a deep and penetrating state of relaxation and well-being.

Natural nail overlays

Bio Sculpture gel 3 week manicure           45e (colour)/50e (French)

Bio Sculpture gel otherwise known as Perfect manicure/Everlasting manicure is the healthier alternative in nail care. It is a nail treatment that strengthens and promotes the growth of natural nails, it is the non chip coating applied to the natural nails to protect and keep them strong.

Bio Sculpture gel silk nail repair          5e

Lavender base treatment for damaged nails         10e

This treatment includes shaping of nails, Vitamin dose and two coats of Lavender base. Lavender base is enriched with Lavender essential oil, this product helps add moisture to brittle, dry and flaky nails, ideal for nails recovered from sore incorrect treatment. Vitamin dose is a unique form of vitamins that is applied directly onto the nail bed; this product moisturizes, strengthens and nourishes the nail bed.

Shellac       30e (colour)/35e (French)

CND Shellac is original Power polish. Shellac has high shine finish, lasts 14 days on healthy nails. Shellac is not suitable for flaky and peeling nails; the base of Smoothing gel might be another option to consider for clients with flaky nails (see below)

CND smoothing gel base   add on        5e

CND Smoothing gel is a power partner to CND Shellac, it creates a protective coating to perfect and smooth the surface of the natural nail. Smoothing gel is recommended for nails that have ridges and splits, extends the wear of Shellac.

CND Smoothing gel clear overlay           25e

This treatment is a quick fix for the clients who want a clean, clear look that lasts 2 weeks.

OPI GelColor         30e (colour)/35e (French)

GelColor by OPI is a gel polish which matches iconic OPI lacquer shades. Last 2 weeks. Not suitable for damaged or weak nails.

Bio Sculpture/Shellac /Gelcolor removal                                              10e

If not applied in the salon