Pedicure & feet care

Beautiful feet

Most of us have very busy lifestyles, so feet care is rarely on our mind. Treating yourself to a pedicure, can be very beneficial. You will have beautiful feet, your blood circulation will be improved, you will feel relaxed, and also energised.
Feet carry body weight all day long – it is one of the most important part of our body. And yet, we neglect it by wearing unsuitable footwear; we rarely massage it to improve blood circulation; we often cut our toenails incorrect, which can lead to a trauma.
Let us pamper you in Puerto Banus Nail Bar! Sit back in a pedicure chair and enjoy a relaxing back massage, while we treat your feet. Have a cup of hot beverage, read a magazine, or just close your eyes and let your worries fade away!

Choose one of the treatments below:

Feet file and polish 12e(colour)/16e (French)

Feet soak, file and polish 20e (colour)/25e (French)

Treatment for tired legs 20e
This treatment includes:

stimulating mineral bath to reduce inflammation; cooling spray for legs and feet; relaxing massage – perfect treat after a long day

Callus removal treatment 25e
This treatment includes:

softening foot soak; reducing callus with Callus removal cream foot wrap; skin smoothing with a foot file; application of Heel balm

Express pedicure 30e (colour)/35e (French)
This treatment includes:

energizing soak, foot scrub, cuticle work, cut and shape of toenails, polish of your choice

Puerto Banus pedicure 45e (colour)/50e (French)
This pedicure is great for softening and smoothing the feet. First you will enjoy a relaxing soak. The toenails will be cut and shaped, cuticles pushed back. The hard skin on the soles will be reduced using callus removal cream and smoothed with foot file. The skin will be exfoliated with lime and ginger scrub and massaged with softening lotion. Pedicure will be finished with a nail polish of your choice.

Marine spa Luxurious pedicure 50e (colour)/55e (French)
Marine spa pedicure is like a facial for your feet with luxurious marine-inspired ingredients. It gives invigorating boost with the aroma therapeutic benefits. Mineral bath infused with minerals, eucalyptus and tea tree oils has anti-inflammatory and softening effect. Two phase exfoliation removes dead cells and softens calluses. Cuticle work with moisture pack nourishes the nails. Foot cooling mask provides invigorating and rejuvenating benefits; foot massage will help reduce the stress. Polish of your choice gives a finishing touch.

Hot stone pedicure 45e (colour)/50e (French)
This is exclusive pedicure at Puerto Banus Nail Bar. It includes foot soak, cuticle work, nail shape, polish and beautiful hot stone leg and foot massage. The thermogenic and energetic benefits of the stones turns pedicures and manicures into therapeutic sessions designed to rejuvenate body, mind and spirit. The application of heat increases circulation, increases metabolism, decreases pain, decreases muscle spasm and softens the tissues.