Mirror nails

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Mirror, mirror on the… nails!

We are officially obsessed with mirror nails look and anything that comes along with it.  Suddenly the market is flooded with all these amazing powders, that help us achieve these incredible designs and we couldn’t be more excited! The main one, of course, is mirror nails look. For years we tried to achieve it by using foils, chrome polishes, nail wraps. But recently our prayers have been answered, and we can offer you flawless, high shine, long lasting, mirror effect nails. Silver, gold and chameleon mirror nails are the most popular in our salon.

Silver powder that we use, has very strong pigment and can be applied on a clear gel polish. It gives the strongest mirror effect; you can really see your own reflection on your nails!

mirror nails

If the full set is too much for you, jazz it up with just one or two mirrors, or a French manicure – it looks great either way!

mirror nails acrylic at Puerto Banus nail bar in Cork

mirror french nails

The gold powder looks best when applied on a base colour. You can choose any colour and make it your own, there are no limits. Here we have black gel polish base.

gold mirror nails

Pink polish base helps achieve rose gold look.

rose gold mirror nails

Chameleon powder is absolutely loved by our clients who want to try this trend, but want to achieve more subtle look. It looks gorgeous on any shade of pink or purple.

chameleon mirror nails

We also have different bold colours to offer for your mirror manicure.

mirror nails at Puerto Banus nail bar in Cork


Never tire of glitter…

Another popular effect is called mermaid nails, it is chunky glitter and has all different shades in it. It is an amazing look for holidays, especially when applied on white or very pale pink colour.

mermaid nails

Holographic powder is the newest addition, it has a rainbow effect. It is fairly subtle, and can be mostly appreciated when it’s hit by the light.

holographic nails at Puerto Banus nail bar in Cork

It is very hard to show this effect in a photo, so we have made a mini video for you, just follow the link below.