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Hey! I wanted to take the opportunity and post a personal message, as I view these times as a calling for personal growth. Some of you know me very well, some of you have met me briefly. I have been working behind the scenes for some years now, as I have been focusing on my studies. Nevertheless, I have never seized to cherish and treasure everyone who enters Puerto Banus Nail bar. Creating oasis, where everyone can escape mundaneness and know, that they will always be warmly welcomed; surrounded by friendly faces in the space, that they can call their own, was always my intention. The changes are ahead of us, but I promise not to disappoint you and do my best to make the salon the safest place for you and for Puerto Banus Nail Bar team – the best team in the entire world, who have made me so proud and filled with love throughout the years.
Warmest wishes and lots of love,